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Rivers of India – 6 reasons to cruise the mighty Brahmaputra River

Being regular visitors to India for the last two decades, we are often looking for the new and the unexplored.

And we know that for many travellers who have been traversing the globe for equally as long and longer – there’s a value placed on unique experiences and travel that has a sense of the new, or undiscovered to it.

India’s mighty Brahmaputra River is a destination that can give you that. Its size and power will amaze you and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

One of the five authentic tours of Remarkable East for 2017 is our 14 day Brahmaputra River Cruise, starting in Kolkata on 11th October.   Cruising along the Brahmaputra into the north east state of Assam guarantees an adventure into parts of India few go.

Here are six reasons to cruise this mighty river in India.

#1 The unexplored India

Remarkable East’s Brahmaputra River Cruise will show you a rarely visited part of India. Discover an area of India that’s inaccessible by road and less often travelled as you head into the country’s North East. See a landscape, culture, sites, local villages and tribes that are unlike anywhere else in this intriguing country. The inner adventurer in you is sure to be pleased heading to these unexplored destinations.

India Cruise

# 2 Cut out the unpacking

Cruising provides one of the ultimate luxuries of travelling – the ability to explore, to see new places and to move from place to place, but without the hassle of shifting hotels, daily vehicle travel and packing and unpacking every day.  The boat is your home for the length of your river journey – so unpack all your things in your private cabin when you embark, put away your suitcase and make it your own space. No rushing each morning to shift, no arriving at a hotel late each night.

India cruise

#3 Relax on board

Too often on holidays we rush from place to place and don’t give ourselves the time to settle in and enjoy a real holiday. A cruise slows you down, but allows you to explore. You can relax and have a holiday; but at the same time immerse yourself in the places you are visiting and the things you are witnessing and experiencing. As well as the sightseeing and land expeditions along the way, a cruise also gives you the time to do those things you want to do on holidays but never get around to – read those books you’ve brought, ponder life on the sundeck with a quiet gin & tonic, crosswords, and all those podcasts you have been saving up for a quiet moment.

India Cruise

#4 Kazaringa from a different perspective

Heading into Assam through our Brahmaputra River Cruise, you will head to one of India’s most unique wildlife destination. Kaziranga National Park is a UNSECO World Heritage listed site, famous for its great one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as tigers, elephants, water buffalo, swamp deer and numerous bird species. By cruising into this region, you will see Kaziranga from a very different perspective. Observe the animals and spectacular scenery from the comfort of your boat as you gently sail through the park.

India Cruise Wildlife

#5 Share it with like-minded travellers

A cruise creates the space to socialise each day and interact with people who like to travel the way you do. Enjoy the company of like-minded travellers, share the journey and experiences together, but also have the space and freedom on board to do your own thing.


# 6 Start your trip in the fascinating city of Kolkata

Our Brahmaputra River Cruise starts in Kolkata, historically and architecturally significant as the one-time centrepiece of the British Raj. We’ll take you to the city’s main sights and delve a little deeper into the heart of this fascinating metropolis with a walking tour hosted by an expert resident guide. During our time in Kolkata, we’ll stay at the magnificent Oberoi Grand hotel, known as the `Grand Dame of Kolkata.’

Oberoi Kolkata

Brahmaputra River Cruise runs for 14 days from 11-24 October, 2017. Hosted by J. Chadwick, the tour is limited to 12 passengers*.  Remarkable East – a collection of five genuinely small group tours for 2017/18.

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