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What are the highlights of our upcoming small group tour in Myanmar?

An open letter from Lincoln Harris, Remarkable East founder and tour leader of Myanmar Revealed – a small group tour to Myanmar by Remarkable East.

Myanmar Revealed is a two week group tour in Myanmar that mixes famous sights with lesser-known destinations. This tour stands apart for the unusual route it takes – deliberately avoiding the circuit most-followed in tours of Myanmar. Myanmar Revealed will take you to parts of the country’s north and south, concluding in the south at the border of Thailand.

Read more from Lincoln Harris about what to expect and what are some of the highlights from this Myanmar tour.

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May 29, 2018 

Dear travellers –

In August, I will be heading back to Myanmar leading our first small group tour to this country.  This comes after many years of reconnaissance and several personal journeys to Myanmar. 

As we prepare for this next tour I thought I might take a little time to explain to you what I love about travel in Myanmar and what you can expect to find and experience during this small group tour.

Myanmar as a destination is relatively untouched. Given the newness of tourism in this country, there’s still an authenticity to the country and an unpolished side to it. There are places we visit during our tour – such as Hsipaw – where the local people have had very little exposure to outside visitors. For us as travellers, many of us frequent travellers, this is such a unique and rewarding experience. You’ll find the Burmese people warm and welcoming, and curious about visitors as we travel to these locations.

This tour is active and engaging – so we are out and about doing things every day. We are meeting interesting people, trying different regional food and seeing local places of interest everywhere we go.


Some of the best things to see in Myanmar

Some of my highlights for this upcoming small group tour in Myanmar include – the train ride over the Goteik Viaduct, once the world’s second-highest railway bridge, the accommodation at Sanctum Inle Resort and Hpa An Lodge, the temples of Bagan, the two-night river cruise on the Ayerarwady River and visiting the Golden Rock.

Sanctum Inle Resort Myanmar Sanctum_Inle_Resort_Myanmar_Swimming_Pool

The train journey during this tour, including the crossing over the Goteik Viaduct, is marvellous – in the views of the surrounding countryside of Myanmar it reveals and also the thrill of the spectacular railway bridge. Our stay and cruise along the Ayerarwady River will change the pace of the trip and provide the opportunity to reach the temples of Bagan in a unique way. And in terms of accommodation – trip highlights are certainly the tranquil spaces at Sanctum Inle Resort, as well as our wonderful lodge at Hpa An – with beautiful scenery and delicious European-inspired meals prepared by the lodge’s French owners.  And then there is the impressive Golden Rock – an important site for Buddhists where a giant, golden rock seemingly defies gravity on the edge of a cliff. It has to be seen to be believed!

golden rock myanmar

These are just some of the sights and experiences you can expect during Myanmar Revealed, a two-week journey in Myanmar personally led by me. There’s also gentle village walks to share, meals to sample in family homes and local people I’ll introduce you to along the way.

Travelling in Myanmar reminds me of why it is I do what I do – connecting our travellers to the people and traditions in the places we are visiting. The rewards of visiting new places, places less touched by tourism, the simple, real pleasure of stopping to meet and chat to locals, and the sense of travelling paths not taken by most travellers. When I visit Myanmar I feel like a `real traveller’ and I’d like to share that with you.

Myanmar Revealed starts August 17. You’re welcome to join me and experience this remarkable country first-hand.

Warm regards, 

Lincoln Harris


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